Can't get generated synonyms from stemmed words

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Hi, first – great component! I am developing new language tools for Writemonkey text editor. I have a problem with MyThes, though:

MyThes.Lookup(word, hunspell)

never returns synonyms from stemmed words. IsGenerated is always false (en_US dictionaries).

  I think this is because:

HunSpell.Generate(word, sample) for example HunSpell.Generate("girl", "boys");

also never returns anything for me (tried with many dictionaries)

Am I missing something? Thanks for your answer!

I am using: NHunspell version: (x86) on Win7Pro, 32 bit

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Hi Iztok,

I've checked this and it works on my computer. Please can you provide a zipped sample solution so that I can reproduce this problem. Please send it via email to [email protected].

Best regards  Tom
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After examining your sample, I see that in deed the morphological generation is the problem:
HunSpell.Generate("girl", "boys");

To support this, you need a dictionary with morphological extensions. Unfortunately the default en-us OpenOffice dictionaries don't include such data. (which was a surprise for me, because this feature is requested long ago)

There is an old post where you can download a dictionary with the morphological extensions:

This is the en-us dictionary with morphological extensions:
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I see. Does that mean that majority of languages don't have morphological extensions? Is there a repository where complete dictionaries can be found? Thanks again for your help!
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Hunspell dictionaries are a mess. I have put the most important dictionary listings on the NHunspell Homepage. If they support generation depends. Like on many other open source projects you have to do a lot of research.

Best regards

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