Application and Service Back-End Development

We are specialized in the development of high performance and high throughput application and service back-ends. We came over data mining and information retrieval and became eventually experts for the complete back-end. We offer free, open source and closed source tools and libraries. And we offer consulting services, development services and performance tuning services for the Microsoft .NET Framework and Mono.

Please download and read the company presentation, including products, services, skills and tools. You find it and other presentations in the Download Center -Presentations Section.

Application and service back-end software development by Crawler-Lib

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Major Products

Child Processes

Child-Processes is a child process management library for the .NET Framework. It allows to create child processes, and provides bidirectional extendable interprocess communication channel based on WCF and NamedPipes.

Crawler-Lib Build Tools

Build tools are a agile PowerShell based toolbox for automating the software build, test and integration process. It can be customized and extended in several ways. The commands can be executed from the PowerShell console, the NuGet console in Visual Studio and from any continuous integration server with PowerShell installed.

Crawler-Lib Concurrency Testing Helper

The Crawler-Lib Concurrency Testing Helper allows to write unit tests with multiple threads to test the concurrency behavior of components. It is also possible to use it for client/server tests.

Crawler-Lib Engine

The Crawler-Lib Engine is a high performance and high throughput task processor for the Microsoft .NET Framework and Mono. It has workflow capabilities. Tasks like scrape website, send email, twitter something, .. can be easily implemented with it.
Free and Paid

NHunspell – Free Spell-Checker, Hyphenation and Thesaurus for .NET

NHunspell is a spell checking, hyphenation, word stemming and thesaurus library based on Hunspell. NHunspell can use Open Office dictionaries for spell checking, hyphenation and thesaurus.

Visual Studio Debugger Visualizers

Visual Studio Debugger Visualizers for Html Agility Pack DOM
In the realm of modern software development, data mining and information retrieval stand as essential pillars that drive innovation and efficiency. These techniques play a crucial role in extracting meaningful insights from vast datasets and enabling more intelligent, informed decision-making. details
Developing a robust and high-throughput back-end is pivotal for modern applications’ performance and reliability. To empower developers in this endeavor, a wide spectrum of tools and libraries, spanning both open source and closed source solutions, has emerged. details