Crawler-Lib Tools

We produce Tools that help with the developement of the Crawler-Lib Framework.

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Crawler-Lib Build Tools

Build tools are a agile PowerShell based toolbox for automating the software build, test and integration process. It can be customized and extended in several ways. The commands can be executed from the PowerShell console, the NuGet console in Visual Studio and from any continuous integration server with PowerShell installed.

Crawler-Lib Concurrency Testing Helper

The Crawler-Lib Concurrency Testing Helper allows to write unit tests with multiple threads to test the concurrency behavior of components. It is also possible to use it for client/server tests.

Visual Studio Debugger Visualizers

Visual Studio Debugger Visualizers for Html Agility Pack DOM

Crawler-Lib Data Transform Tool

A GUI based script processor which can be used to transform data.