NHunspell with Microsoft Word

Posted: 4 years ago Quote #18
A long time ago I wanted to use NHunspell with Microsoft Word so that we could use a Khmer spelling dictionary in Word. But I couldn't find anyone who had created an opensource project (I did find one commercial product, and they did help us know what was needed). But now we have created an opensource solution using NHunspell so that people can use Hunspell dictionaries with Microsoft Word to spell check. The source is for the Khmer language, but it could be easily adapted for other languages. We wanted to let people know about this so that more languages could benefit and have spelling checkers in Microsoft Word even if Microsoft doesn't support their language.

Here is the source code for an NHunspell Add-in for Microsoft Word: https://github.com/sbbic/sbbic-khmer-spelling-checker-for-ms-word

We hope it is useful to others!

Nathan Wells
for sbbic.org
Posted: one year ago Quote #292
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