Help and Reference

Help and references for the Crawler-Lib Framework and other products are available as MSDN style class reference, code samples andĀ  videos. You can also read and post in the support forums to get direct support from the developers.

Installing Help in Visual Studio

Class Library References are also provided in the Microsoft Help Viewer Format (*.mshc, *.msha). To get the [F1] help in Visual Studio, you must install the help files:

  1. Download the help content (*.mshc) and the help manifest (*.msha) for the specific library.
  2. Go to Visual Studio and select Help / Add and Remove Help Content.
  3. Switch Installation source from Online to Disk
  4. Select theĀ (downloaded) help manifest file (*.msha)
  5. Click add to add the content and update the help system.

The help must be displayed in the Microsoft Help Viewer and not in the browser. To change this setting set Help / Set Help Preference to Launch Help in Viewer. Otherwhise the [F1] help won’t work from inside Visual Studio.

Help Resources


Crawler-Lib Build Tools

Crawler-Lib Engine

Crawler-Lib Engine Test Helper